We are five emerging artists who are staging a unique exhibition in Blackburn this May. All you need to see the work is a smartphone and time to move around Blackburn, looking. Amelia Baron, Christian Bell, Susan Brazendale, Francis Martin and Kym Westall have come together as part of the Creative Accelerator Project. Each artist has created a piece of work about or inspired by a location in Blackburn. The viewer can go to the site and simultaneously encounter the artworks on their smartphone. We have focused on the overlooked, revisited the familiar and reflected on the spaces that we live work and play in. You may find yourself standing on a windy bridge, peering down an alleyway you never noticed before, walking through an ornate park, by the canal that weaves around the town’s edge or in front of a sealed up door that hasn’t been opened for years. At each point you can connect with the artist and see the work that has been inspired by the location. Blackburn is an amazing place filled with stories and personal histories, the town rises, falls and rises, railway’s, canals, motorways and foot paths bring people to it and take people away. We are looking to add five personal takes to the town's story. We hope that after this, something of our vision and ideas will lead you to (RE)VIEW where you live, where you pass through on the way to work or where you are taking your daily exercise. How does this exhibition work? Anyone wanting to see the artworks can download a map and set off around the town viewing all the work in one go or breaking up their visit over several sessions. When they get to site they will see plaques on the ground with the (RE)VIEW logo and a QR code. When the QR code is scanned the artwork will appear on the smartphone.

Revier Blackburn 2021 map

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